SeanNua Farm is a beacon of sustainable agriculture nestled in the heart of East Cavan. Committed to delivering nutrient-dense local produce while enhancing the environment, this farm is a haven for conscientious, community-focused farming. From pastured poultry to chemical-free land, they craft quality, organic products – including pasture-raised eggs and grass and leaf-fed meat.


Continuing the Meet the Makers series, we meet Ashling Carolan, Director of SeanNua Farm.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into food/drinks production?

SeanNua Farm was born in 2020. We are now coming towards the end of our 3rd season of growing/farming with the aim of providing nutrient dense and delicious food directly to our customers. We started the farm for a number of reasons; self sufficiency, knowing where our food comes from, eating top quality produce, wanting to work the land in a meaningful and regenerative way to leave things a little better than when we arrived and provide our customers with top quality food that you cannot buy in the supermarkets.


Tell us about where you work in Cavan and your favourite thing about your job.

Our farm is located close to the Loughanlae mountain, about 5 minutes from Bailieborough and 10 minutes from Kingscourt.
Its very hard to choose one favourite thing…for the farm, the views on a good day are incredible and we are in a beautiful setting, in terms of the work we do, having our fridges full of wonderful produce created by our own hands is so fulfilling, the amazing feedback from our customers is really astounding and motivating and watching our gardens and animals grow and thrive is very satisfying.


What is your favourite product to make at work and why?

Again a very hard question, I would say making our “Whole Farm Diet” a product that people can access is incredibly satisfying. When customers can create their entire menu using our produce and they send us their photos and feedback, it is wonderful.


Tell us about your favourite local produce. And/ or, tell us about the best local produce that you work with.

On our farm, we add to our offerings local produce from other artisan producers that we do not produce ourselves. I love this as we have more to offer to our customers and the produce is still from the local area, for example Muff Honey which is less than 5 minutes from our farm.


What is your favourite thing about being a part of the Created in Cavan Network?

The opportunites available and the network of producers/growers that we can network with.


SeanNua Farm represents a genuine commitment to holistic, earth-centric agricultural practices, leaving a remarkable imprint on both the environment and the community. Their dedication to quality, local produce through sustainable methods stands as a testament to their ethos. It’s a true honour to have had the opportunity to delve into the ethos and vision of this farm and its inspiring director, Ashling Carolan.


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