Nestled in the heart of the Emerald Isle, Cavan boasts a rich tapestry of artisanal craftsmanship that reflects the taste and essence of the county. From delectable treats that tantalise taste buds to handcrafted foodie treasures, Created In Cavan brings together a network of talented artisans who are weaving their passion into every edible creation.

Join us as we embark on a journey through the intricate world of artisanal craftsmanship that defines the Cavan food and drinks experience.


Cully’s Craft Bakery

At Cully’s Craft Bakery, every loaf of bread is a testament to the dedication to the age-old craft of baking. Using locally sourced ingredients, the bakery creates an array of artisanal breads that reflect the heart and soul of Cavan. Their creations not only satisfy the taste buds but also evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

Drummully Boxty

Handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients, their boxty creations are a delightful blend of heritage and innovation. From classic recipes to contemporary twists, Drummully Boxty invites you to savour the flavors of Cavan in a way that is both familiar and exciting.

Moran’s Mega Jam

A spoonful of Moran’s Mega Jam is a spoonful of Cavan’s vibrant and bountiful countryside. Using carefully selected fruits and berries, the team at Moran’s Mega Jam creates luscious jams and sauces that capture the essence of the region’s harvest. From the first bite, you can taste the dedication to quality and the love for preserving traditional flavours.

Ice Cream Treats

Ice Cream Treats, with their locally sourced milk and artisanal approach, brings joy in the form of frozen delights. Their handcrafted ice creams are a celebration of Cavan’s dairy heritage and a testament to the creativity of its artisans. From classic flavours to innovative concoctions, each scoop is a journey through the flavors of the county.

Crafts of Ireland

Crafts of Ireland showcases the artistic soul of Cavan through its exquisite food experiences. Their delicious afternoon tea, where every possible element of the menu is created in their kitchen, tells a story of skilled craftsmanship and the passion to keep Cavan’s heritage alive.


Datsé’s Café and Cakes

Datsé’s Café and Cakes, located in the heart of Cavan town, is a haven for coffee aficionados and pastry enthusiasts. Known for its exceptional coffee offerings and a wide array of pastries, buns, and customised cakes, it’s a place where culinary delights meet cosy ambiance. Each visit is a treat for the senses and a celebration of Cavan’s rich culinary culture.


Mc Gurren’s Artisan Butchers

Mc Gurren’s is an Award Winning Traditional Irish Artisan Butchers Shop. All beef used is locally sourced from farmers in the Belturbet area. All of their product range is produced in store, and they carry a large selection of fresh meats, value added products and cooked ready meals for extra convenience.

In the heart of Cavan, these artisans and establishments come together to create an experience that is uniquely Cavan. From the kitchen to the craft room, from the fields to the dining table, the Created In Cavan network brings to life the essence of the county through artisanal creations that are truly exceptional.


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