We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to five exceptional members of the Created in Cavan Network who have achieved a remarkable feat. Congratulations to Aíne Handmade ChocolatesCully’s Craft Bakery, Drummully Boxty, Ice Cream Treats, and Moran’s Mega Jam, who have all been selected as finalists for the prestigious Blas na hÉireann Awards.

Cully’s Craft Bakery

Cully’s Craft Bakery, known for its dedication to preserving the traditional methods of baking, has earned its spot as a Blas na hÉireann finalist. With a dedication to the highest quality ingredients, Cully’s Craft Bakery has consistently delighted our taste buds with their delectable creations. As they vie for this prestigious award, we commend their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional baked goods.

Aíne Handmade Chocolates

Created in Cavan launch. Photo: Lorraine Teevan

No stranger to The Blas na hÉireann final, Ann Rudden has once again been nominated with her amazing chocolates for this years final. Áine’s Handmade Chocolate has been making deliciously smooth and creamy handmade Irish chocolate since 1999 right here in Cavan.

Drummully Boxty

Drummully Boxty‘s journey from a traditional family recipe to a Blas na hÉireann finalist is a testament to their dedication to preserving the flavours of Cavan. Their 3 products have won hearts and palates alike, and this recognition as a finalist underscores their role in upholding cherished culinary traditions.

Moran’s Mega Jam

The culinary prowess of Moran’s Mega Jam has earned them a spot amongst the Blas na hÉireann finalists with their new Tomato Relish recipe. Their commitment to crafting high-quality, delicious jams has been widely acknowledged, and this honour is a testament to their dedication. We celebrate their journey from a local kitchen to a finalist on a national stage.

Ice Cream Treats

Joining the ranks of the Blas na hÉireann finalists from the Created in Cavan Network is Ice Cream Treats. With their commitment to crafting exceptional, locally sourced ice cream, they have earned a well-deserved spot amongst the finalists. Ice Cream Treats‘ dedication to using the finest ingredients and innovative flavours has resonated with both locals and visitors. From the creamy indulgence of classic flavours to the adventurous twists of unique creations, Ice Cream Treats has become a favourite destination for anyone seeking a frozen delight.


These finalists not only bring honour to themselves but also shine a spotlight on the incredible culinary scene of Cavan. We, at Created in Cavan, are immensely proud to have them as part of our network. They contribute to the rich tapestry of local flavours and talents. As they await the final results, we stand united in applauding their achievements and wishing them the best of luck at the Blas na hÉireann Awards.