In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards farm-to-table dining, where the focus is on sourcing fresh, locally grown ingredients and bringing them directly to the plate. This culinary approach celebrates the connection between food and its origins, promoting sustainability, supporting local farmers, and delivering a truly authentic and flavourful dining experience.

Here we will embark on a journey through the charming region of Cavan, Ireland, to explore the world of farm-to-table dining. From picturesque farms to bustling farmers’ markets and innovative restaurants, we’ll uncover the beauty and benefits of this culinary philosophy.

Join us as we delve into the vibrant food scene of Cavan, where passionate chefs and dedicated farmers work hand in hand to bring the best of the land to your table.

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds, support local businesses, and gain a deeper appreciation for the food on your plate. It’s time to embrace farm-to-table dining and embark on a culinary adventure that celebrates the richness and diversity of Cavan’s bountiful harvest. Let’s explore the journey from field to fork and experience the true essence of farm-to-table dining in Cavan.


Cabra Castle

Cabra Castle is home to The Courtroom Restaurant that offers an elegant dining experience in intimate surroundings. They offer an award-winning menu featuring the best in Irish cuisine, using locally-sourced and seasonal produce.


Corleggy Cheeses

Every cheese is made by hand with production not exceeding 10 tonnes per annum between goats, sheep & cows milk cheeses.

Corleggy Cheeses farmers ensure that all animals are purely grass fed to ensure the best milk is given for cheese production. Their cheese is provided at farmers markets, delis, shops, and restaurants throughout Ireland.


The Oak Room Restaurant

The Oak Room Restaurant prides itself on using fresh produce in season, most of which is locally sourced. They strive to provide quality, fresh, local food and service at a reasonable price.


Herd Butchery

Herd Butchery is an artisan butcher shop in County Cavan specializing in whole animal butchery, house made charcuterie and local fine food products. All of their meat is sourced directly from local farmers and producers where possible.


Carrickfern Pure Irish Honey

Carrickfern Pure Irish Honey harvest honey from their own beehives located in a number of apiaries in County Cavan and Longford. Their honey is pure irish honey and customers can be assured of the source of the product.



Margaret’s delivering a range of free-range offerings from healthy, happy hens is their passion. They give the hens freedom to forage expansive pastures of lush green grass. For more than 30 years, Margaret Farrelly and her family have been 100% dedicated free range, and always will be, so you can feel 100% about the eggs you eat.


Mc Gurren’s Artisan Butchers

Mc Gurren’s is an award winning traditional Irish artisan butchers shop in Co. Cavan. All of their beef is locally sourced from farmers in the Belturbet area. They also stock local artisan produce including cheese from Corleggy Cheese, Manor Farm chicken and delicious jams from Moran’s Mega Jams.


Crover House Hotel & Golf Club

Crover House is an award winning Four Star Hotel that was built in the 18th century. It’s home to The Lakeview Bistro where their team of experts and innovative culinary artists use locally sourced ingredients to create dishes they are proud to serve.


Breffni Arms Hotel

The Breffni Arms Hotel restaurant offers exquisite Irish cuisine where their executive chef and her team offer an outstanding á la carte or table d’hote menu, using the freshest ingredients with a dash of creativity.


Murph’s Gastro Pub

Murph’s Gastro Pub is located in Butlersbridge, just outside Cavan Town. They are an award-winning, family-run Gastro Pub. They serve locally sourced, quality Irish food with a selection of wines.


SeanNua Farm

SeanNua Farm is a small-scale regenerative farm located in East Cavan at the foot of Loughanleagh mountain between the towns of Bailieborough and Kingscourt.
Their aim is to provide their local community with nutrient dense food whilst improving their environment and contributing to the creation of a robust farm ecosystem.
They raise pastured poultry on chemical free land and feed only high quality organic feeds. They have an open farm policy and they believe every person should know their farmer, know exactly where their food comes from, who it is produced by and how it is produced.


The Local Green Box

The Local Green Box is a community led, social enterprise based in Cavan. They support over 20 food producers and growers and offer a range of organically grown vegetables, eggs, cheese, sourdough bread, preserves, ferments, organic meat, artisan bakes and more.

They operate a mobile food trailer where all their mneus are created from the contents of The Local Green Box.


In Cavan, farm-to-table dining is not just a concept; it is a way of being. It is about savouring the freshness of locally grown produce, appreciating the hard work and passion that goes into every meal, and forging a closer connection to the land and its people.

We encourage you to continue this journey beyond the blog and experience the joys of farm-to-table dining firsthand. Visit the local farmers’ markets, dine at the restaurants that proudly showcase their local ingredients, and support the dedicated farmers and producers who make it all possible.

Let us embrace the essence of farm-to-table dining, both in Cavan and wherever we may be, and celebrate the remarkable flavours that arise when we honour the journey from field to fork. Together, we can create a more sustainable and fulfilling culinary experience that nourishes both our bodies and our souls.