Every year, Ireland comes alive with the vibrant sounds of traditional Irish music and a sense of community that transcends borders. In the heart of County Cavan, nestled in the picturesque town of Belturbet, the Belturbet Fleadh promises to be a celebration of Irish music, food and culture like no other. Here we’ll explore what the Belturbet Fleadh is all about, the highlights of the event, and why it’s a must-attend for anyone passionate about Irish heritage.

The Essence of the Belturbet Fleadh

The Belturbet Fleadh is a local Irish music festival that brings together musicians, dancers, and enthusiasts from the region and beyond. It is a celebration of traditional Irish music, song, and dance, providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and foster a love for Irish cultural heritage.



2nd June – 4th June, 2023


Food & Demonstrations

When it comes to culinary experiences, County Cavan has become a hidden gem for food enthusiasts. Filled with talented local producers, innovative artisans, and passionate chefs, the region has earned a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional food scene.

Created In Cavan and the Created In Cavan network will be coming together to bring you some of the finest food in Cavan throughout the Fleadh weekend.

Stop by Maggies Kitchen to experience some wonderful demonstrations from the Created In Cavan network including:


Drummully Boxty

Morans Mega Jam

Lakeland Dairies

Cullys Craft Bakery

and many others showcasing traditional food.




One of the most anticipated aspects of the Belturbet Fleadh is the incredible array of musical performances. Traditional Irish music takes center stage as talented musicians showcase their skills.

Visitors can expect captivating live sessions from:


  • Copperplate
  • Céilí Band
  • Derek Warfield,
  • The Young Wolfe Tones
  • PJ Flood with Garadice
  • Carlos Sweeney mcCartin
  • Donal Lunny
  • Tom Morrow
  • Ryan Owens
  • and more!


Each of which will bring the soulful melodies of Irish music to life.


On Sunday, June 4th, there will be a performance by dancers Kevin Cunniffe & Eileen Ryan


Competitions and Workshops

Fleadh festivals often feature competitions as a way to nurture and recognize emerging talent and also give back to the community. The Belturbet Fleadh will include competitions throughout the weekend!

In addition to competitions, there will be music workshops. Attendees can participate in hands-on sessions led by accomplished musicians allowing them to learn new techniques, explore different styles, and deepen their understanding of Irish music and culture.


Cultural Activities and Entertainment

Beyond the music, the Belturbet Fleadh offers a host of cultural activities and entertainment. Visitors can immerse themselves in Irish heritage through art displays, exhibitions & tours, storytelling sessions, and traditional food and drink stalls. It’s an opportunity to experience the warmth and hospitality of the local community while enjoying the rich tapestry of Irish traditions.


Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The Belturbet Fleadh is renowned for its welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a budding dancer, or simply someone who appreciates Irish culture, there is something for everyone. Families can enjoy the festivities together, with children often taking part in workshops and performances specially designed for young enthusiasts.


Exploring Belturbet

While attending the Belturbet Fleadh, take some time to explore the charming town itself. Belturbet is situated on the banks of the River Erne and boasts picturesque landscapes, historical landmarks, and a sense of tranquillity. From leisurely walks along the riverbanks to visiting historical sites like the Belturbet Railway Station or exploring the local shops and cafés, Belturbet offers a delightful backdrop for this celebration of Irish music and culture.

There are many wonderful businesses in Belturbet to explore:

The castle sports bar


A National Award Winning Sports Bar. As you step through our doors you will find yourself immersed in a world of unique sports memorabilia. They pride themselves as being Cavan’s premier venue to watch all live sporting events.

They stock a wide variety of draft & bottled beers, spirits and non-alcoholic options as well as an esteemed collection of premium gins and whiskeysand an amazing cocktail list.


Mc Gurren’s Artisan Butchers

Award Winning Tradtional Irish Artisan Butchers serving local quality meat, fruit & vegatables

With their commitment to quality and passion for their craft, this butcher shop offers an exceptional range of premium meats sourced from local farms.


Corleggy cheese

Corleggy, meaning “Little Windy Hill”, makes award-winning Irish Artisan Farmhouse Cheeses handmade from wholly natural ingredients, in the traditional time-honoured way.


The Good Crop Company

The Good Crop Company import a wide range of certified organic wholefoods from around the world, including pulses, grains, cereals, nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and produces its own brand of delicious organic muesli. The products are sold online, at food markets and in some of Ireland’s premier retail establishments.


Café Nua

This cosy coffee shop is located in the heart of Belturbet. Everything served is made and prepared on site using only the highest quality local ingredients.  They offer a wide range of homemade cakes, pastries and sweet treats.  They also specialise in custom made cakes and treat boxes for special occasions.

Enjoy breakfast or lunch in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the beautifully decorated coffee shop or catch a breeze in the cosy outdoor terrace.


Hawthorn Lodge

Hawthorn Lodge is a 4 Star Rated Ireland TBA property. A well-established family-run country home bed and breakfast, welcoming guests from around the world for over twenty years!

Located in Monea, Belturbet, and surrounded by stunning countryside, landscaped gardens, ponds and the beautiful Lough Arden, Hawthorn Lodge is the perfect stay-cation!

They offer guests an extensive breakfast menu. As they have successfully completed Ireland’s TB “Taste of Place” campaign, they are committed to sourcing local, Irish food and beverages.


Katrinas Artisan Cakes

Katrina’s Artisan Cakes makes custom cakes for all occasions including weddings, birthdays and all celebrations.


The Belturbet Fleadh is a magical event that brings the soul of Irish music and culture to the forefront.  With its diverse range of musical performances, friendly competitions, engaging workshops, food displays and captivating cultural activities, it promises an experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Irish heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned musician, a dedicated dancer, or simply someone who wants to immerse themselves in the warmth of Irish traditions, the Belturbet Fleadh is a must-attend event.

So, get ready to join in the celebration of Irish music and culture of the Belturbet Fleadh, 2023.