It’s a new year and after all the indulgences over Christmas, we all want to start making healthier choices with our food. Diet fads will come and go but we should all start the new year thinking of ways to eat better and not necessarily less. Here in Cavan, we are lucky to have lots of producers that offer nutrient rich produce all year round. Eating local produce also helps to reduce food miles and our own carbon footprint. Here are our top Cavan producers offering healthier choices.

Bake n Tukka

Based in Cootehill, Bake n Tukka produces 7th Heaven Granola. The Granola contains 7 Nuts, 7 Seeds, 7 Fruits, and 7 Spices. This is the perfect breakfast filler upper and goes great with some local honey. Try Carrickfern Honey or Muff Honey.

Bog Boy Booch

This Micro Kombucha Brewery is where Joshua creates Bog Boy Booch. A traditionally fermented, unfiltered, living beverage that provides a healthier alternative to other fizzy drinks.  Wherever possible, Josh will use seasonal, organic ingredients sourced locally. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for stockists.

Carrickfern Honey

A great alternative to sugar in your daily diet and a beautiful topping for porridge, toast, muesli and more! Eamon produces pure Irish Ivy Honey and pure Irish honey so you can be assured of the provenance of this product.

Muff Honey

Another great supplier of pure Irish Honey is Alain Raymond in Cavan. Pure Muff honey from the Loughanleagh mountain and Muff region of east Cavan. Alain producers infused honey also to help with specific ailments. Have a look at his Facebook page for more information.

Charlene’s Wholesome Pantry

Charlene’s Wholesome Pantry is in Ballinagh, Co. Cavan and provides healthy superfood delights that include seed, fruit and nut slices as well as energy balls. These are the perfect snacks to have on the go and are your perfect healthy choice for 2023.

Drummully Boxty

Paul and Nan Farrelly run Drumully Boxty in Cavan. This Traditional Irish Drummully Boxty includes Dumplings and Pan Boxty made from 100% Irish Potatoes and nothing else.  The Boxty is made from their unique authentic traditional family recipe. Healthy, gluten Free and low in fat!


Based in Bawnboy, Healthtea provides a selection of tea blends that makes healthy the easy option. Roísin creates pure, natural and delicious blends that deliver on taste as well as goodness – nothing added and nothing taken away.

Herd Butchery

You will always find something unique at Herd Butchery in Butlersbridge. Robert Mee and his team can advise you on the best cuts of meat for a healthier dinner that never compromise on taste!

Inis Escargot

Did you know that snails are low in fat, protein-rich and a good source of a variety of essential vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and phosphorus. Based in Virginia, Peter and his team at Inis Escargot provide snails for sale on their website as well as providing snail farm training!

Margaret’s Eggs

Margaret Farrelly of Clonarn Clover and O’Egg, Ireland’s largest independent supplier, of free range eggs . Pic Sean Curtin Photo

Eggs are so versatile and easy and always a great option as part of the healthy diet. Margaret’s Eggs are based in Mullagh and offer the very best free-range eggs as well as liquid egg white and liquid whole egg in a carton. Great for omelettes!

Mary-Ellen’s Meadow

The perfect alternative to fizzy drinks this year is Mary Ellen’s Meadow Cordial. Choose from Elderflower, Stinging Nettle, Cavan Cordial Hawthorn Flower, Gorse, Willowherb and more.

Miltown Family Meats

Experience Farm to Fork in 2023 with Miltown Family Meats. Sam Hill supplies his beautiful cuts of beef every Saturday in Shercock or visit the farm directly.

SeanNua Farm

Food that you can’t buy in the supermarket that is full of nutrients and chemical free. From grass and leaf fed meat to pasture raised eggs, no dig market garden veggies and so much more.

Sushi Mania

The perfect lunch or dinner available on the go! If you are not already a big fan of Sushi Mania in Virginia, then we know you will be before the end of 2023. Their new shop on main street is open Thursday to Sunday and is the perfect healthy meal for the entire family!

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