The kids are all well settled back in school and the daily routine is in full flow. All parents are conscious of providing a good balanced tasty lunch for their children when they head out the door in the morning. Sometimes it can be hard to make sure you are providing local meals for the lunchboxes without spending a fortune. Our members are here to help you along the way to providing great lunch box ideas for the entire family. Keep reading for more:

Barry Johns Sausages

We all love sausage rolls, the taste of savoury sausage meat wrapped up in a flaky pastry, but have you tried a savoury sausage croissant? Instead of wrapping the puff pastry around the sausage meat, like the traditional sausage roll way, Barry Johns spread the sausage meat as a paste over the whole roll of the pastry and cut them into triangles.

Then they roll these triangles up as a Croissant shape and cook them in a preheated oven until golden and cooked through.

They have nicknamed their sausage meat croissant “Saus-ie-cross-ie”. (You heard it here first!)

They used our fabulous Barry John Fire Roasted Tomato & Cracked Black flavour to create these.

You can choose whatever flavour you like. These are fabulous lunch box fillers!

Cullys Craft Bakery

Whether you want a white, brown or batch loaf sandwich, you won’t get fresher or tastier than Cully’s Bakery. This award-winning bread will keep them full for breakfast and for lunch and will also teach your family about the importance of low food miles.

Drumully Boxty


There is always room for a Pan Boxty Sandwich in the lunchbox. Gluten free, dairy free and low in fat- its ticks a lot of boxes for parents all over the country. Fill with some salad, cheese and chicken and you have got a brand-new sandwich experience for the kids.

Margarets Eggs

Eggs are so versatile and a great way to get protein into your kids. For more than 30 years Margaret Farrelly and her family have been 100% dedicated free range, and always will be, so that you can feel 100% good about the eggs you eat. Drop a few boiled eggs into their salad sandwich, make the classic egg and onion sandwich, or make a yummy quiche for something different.

Morans Mega Jam


Bringing the favourite Jam Sandwich to another level. What about an apple pie jam Sandwich, or rhubarb and custard sandwich? These Jams are perfect on crackers for a lunch box filler too!

SeanNua Farm

This is your one stop shop for all those fresh veggies for the lunch box. Tomatoes, scallions, mixed leaves, radishes, and lots more. Chemical free, local food at its best. Visit them at the many farmers markets they attend or contact them directly.

Sushi Mania

Something different for the lunchboxes and maybe a weekly treat for yourself! Sushi Mania is taking Ireland by storm with their fresh, innovative, and seasonal hand rolled sushi.

Mary Ellens Meadow

A great idea for kids that don’t drink enough water. Send them off to school with delicious, artisan, homemade, foraged, wild herb, fruit and flower Cordials including Elderflower, Stinging Nettle, Cavan Cordial Hawthorn Flower, Gorse, Willowherb to name but a few. These can be enjoyed diluted in still or sparkling water.

Teach your kids the importance of eating and supporting local this school term- they will thank you for it with lots of yummy produce Created in Cavan.

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