From a meadow near the Lough an Lea Mountain in Co. Cavan, you will find Rose. Founder and Forager of Mary-Ellen’s Meadow.  She produces a range of cordials and homemade, fermented vinegar/drinks which are produced from a combination of her own homegrown and wild, locally foraged Mother Nature’s organic fruit, herbs and flowers used in handed down recipes from times gone by.

The result is a delicious real fresh fruit drink from your childhood days. What makes them special are the real, refreshing flavours which are preserved thanks to the many secrets in the process of Mary-Ellen’s recipes which are only shared with the fairies who look after the bushes.

Rose is a mastermind when it comes to all the of berries, flowers and herbs that grow wild in nature. Its this knowledge that has led her to create these beautiful drinks. From her foraging walks, Rose posts pictures on her Facebook page of all the plants and flowers that she finds growing in the wild. Most of them edible.

New for 2022, Rose just recently launched a new product for Mary Ellens Meadow- Sparkling Wild Elderflower and Sparkling Wild Nettle. Perfect for a warm summer’s day or as a classic mixer for that weekend tipple! You will find these refreshing drinks in your local SuperValu- or order online on her website at

You will also find Mary Ellens Meadow at plenty of markets around the region. Rose is a regular at the Cottage Market Cavan.

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