It’s a sure sign of the summer when we see the BBQs on special in supermarkets. Bags of charcoal in the middle isle and invitations from friends and family when the forecast looks promising. While the company and surroundings are important for this year’s summer BBQ, the food and drinks play a big part too. The food and drinks network at Created in Cavan have everything you need to create a great Cavan BBQ. Whether you’re in Cork or Carndonagh, you won’t find a better selection of produce. Here are the essential items you will need to bring your BBQ from okay to great!

Barry Johns Sausages

If you want to impress the guests, then pick up some of these wonderfully flavoured sausages from Barry Johns for the BBQ. Choose from chocolate chip and honeycomb, Spice Bag, Bacon & Cabbage, Chip Shop Curry and more. These yummy sausages can be ordered online, or you can even sign up to a sausage subscription!

McGurren’s Artisan Butchers

The perfect one stop shop for all of your BBQ needs. McGurren’s offer ready to grill burgers, chicken kebabs and local steaks! Situated in Belturbet, this is the butcher you will return to again and again.

Miltown Family Meats

Promote the lowest food miles and get your burgers and steaks direct from the farmer at Miltown Family meats. Sam rears prime angus and Hereford heifers on his farm and produces from them the best quality beef to supply to customers. Direct from his farm to your fork! You will find him in Shercock at Fairhill every Saturday morning.

Corleggy Cheese

Corleggy Cheese Hamper

Pimp up the burgers with some beautiful Cavanbert or jazz up the salad with some Corleggy’s goat cheese. You can order all of their cheese online here or have a look at their food market locations here.

Fitzpatrick’s Gourmet Ketchup

The BBQ won’t be complete with out Fitzpatrick’s Gourmet Ketchup on the table. Not only does Frank produce a homemade ketchup with a splash of Poitín- he also has an amazing smoked BBQ ketchup! That will go very nicely with the Cavanbert and burgers! Yum!

Margarets Eggs

These are some of the very best tasting eggs in Ireland- and they belong on BBQ salad table this summer! Boil them up for a great tasting egg mayonnaise or fry them off as the perfect topping to your burger- are you hungry yet?

Moran’s Mega Jam

Based in the heart of Cavan, Moran’s Mega Jam have you covered this BBQ season with a BBQ pack containing tomato ketchup, smoked bbq sauce and sweet chilli sauce. You will find most of their products in Super Valu’s around the country and you can order online here.

SeanNua Farm

Get some fresh lettuce for the salad this summer from SeanNua Farm. They produce Spinach, Radish, Lettuce (red or green), Chinese cabbage Kaboko, Rocket, Kohlrabi, mixed purple & green and more on their no dig garden farm in Cavan. You really won’t get fresher than that. Meet them at various markets across the region.

The Keepers Arms

Call into Sheila in the Keepers arms for her famous salad dressing. Created over years of trial and error, to come up with its unique taste. The ingredients are stock cupboard staples such as Wholegrain & Dijon mustards. The dressing is gluten free and it has replaced red sauce in many houses over the years.

Ice Cream Treats

Keep everyone happy with some award-winning ice-cream from Ice Cream treats! The team here use all local milk in creating the creamiest, tastiest ice cream. The Ice-cream is made by hand in all small batches. The perfect dessert for a Cavan BBQ.

Bogboy Booch

To compliment all this amazing BBQ food you are cooking, be sure to have a great drinks selection too. Bogboy booch is a traditionally fermented, unfiltered Kombucha that provides a healthier alternative to other fizzy drinks.  Wherever possible, Josh uses seasonal, organic ingredients sourced locally. You will find him at a selection of Farmers Markets as well as being stocked in Health Shops and small cafes.  You will also find it in The Local Green Box.

Mary Ellen’s Meadow

Yummy Cordials that can be used as a refreshing drink or a mixer for the perfect summer cocktail. These delicious, artisan, homemade, foraged, wild herb, fruit and flower Cordials include Elderflower, Stinging Nettle, Cavan Cordial Hawthorn Flower, Gorse, Willowherb, and lots more.

Scott’s Irish Cider

Last, but certainly not least- make sure to add Scotts Irish Cider to the shopping list for your great Cavan BBQ. This award-winning cider is produced right here in County Cavan. It includes a dry cider, medium dry cider, a summer medium cider and even an elderflower cider. Keep an eye out for it in SuperValu’s across the region.

Keep your BBQ Irish this summer, and best of all- keep it Cavan!

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